Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Even in the desert, with not a snowflake in sight, people get their Christmas decorations turned on, with the help of their generator. We even have a seventeen foot Christmas tree, ok, maybe not the tree itself, but lights in the shape of a tree attached to a CB antenna, 17 feet in the air.

Christmas baking has begun, even in an RV oven which can be compared to Barbie’s play oven, a lot can be accomplished. The stockings are hanging from the fireplace (electric with false logs) tree is up, presents hidden ready for wrapping.

Meanwhile, we went to our first dog burn on Wednesday. Now before PETA comes tramping through the desert looking for us, it was a hot dog over the campfire type of burn to celebrate the full moon. About 20 of use gathered with food, egg nog and hot dogs and howl at the moon as it appeared over the mountains.

Last night we went down to the church for the annual Christmas Cantata. Lots of carols and although not usually sung to the traditional music, still very enjoyable. We were entertained by the Desert Pickers, a ukulele group, and the choir, while Preacherman Craig try’s to throw a few pearls of wisdom in along with the flavors of tamales he and his wife sampled at the Somerton tamale festival earlier in the day. A very laid back and fun church to be sure.

so with one week to go until the big day, Paul and I would like to wish you all, a very Merry Christmas. We hope it will be filled with fun, family and football (the NFL kind for our British relatives)



2 responses to “Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date with the Seasons Happenings. While we freeze our tootsies in the far north we dream of being with you next year…the lord willing.
    Please keep keeing us enviousl

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